AJMAN -Non-Degree Instructions


Non-Degree Instructions and Information
Professional Diploma Teaching and Master’s degree programs requires 



Non-Degree Instructions and Information

Students interested in broadening their knowledge in a specific discipline, or upgrading their academic record without seeking formal admission to pursue a degree offered by Ajman University (AU), have now the opportunity to enroll as non-degree students. Approval for a non-degree status shall be based on course room availability and criteria for admissions and registration. A non-degree student’s credit-courses shall not count toward any degree and the non-degree student shall not qualify for any financial aid or scholarship.

Required documents:

Certificate of accredited Bachelor/ Master degree.

Photocopy of valid passport & residence visa

Photocopy of a valid Emirates ID Card

Medical Checkup

Passport-size photo

A certificate of proficiency in English language

Conditions for Non-Degree

Graduates of accredited program, with no current affiliation to an academic institution, who are simply interested in taking courses but do not plan to pursue a degree, shall be considered for admission as potential non-degree students

The applicants should complete the non-degree online application form for admission and provide all required documentations.

Registering courses under non-degree status requires compliance with all the course prerequisites

Coursework grades for non-degree students shall not count toward or against the previously earned undergraduate or graduate CGPA.

Applicants’ enrollment suitability might be subject to restrictions imposed by AU Colleges on some specific courses. AJMAN -Non-Degree Instructions 

A college might cancel an initially offered course, at any time prior to the start of the semester, due to a minimum enrollment of students that have not been met.

Courses completed successfully by a non-degree student shall not automatically provide an eligibility status for admission to a future degree program.

There are limits to the number of courses and number of credit hours that can be registered by a non-degree student.

Non-Degree Instructions and Information

undergraduate students can only enroll for a maximum of two semesters, with (no more than 17 credit hours per semester).

Non-degree graduate students might enroll for a maximum of two semesters with a limit of a total of 12 credit hours (no more than 6 credit hours per semester).

A non-degree student will not receive a degree

The applicant has to pay the tuition fees to register.


Please sign the form before sending it back with the Required documents by email to the Admissions and Registration front desk staff