Design Manager job, UAE


Design Manager job, UAE

Job Description

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• Management of the technical aspects of design, procurement, implementation and close-out in accordance with the program.
• Assist Employer in defining project requirements.
• Review and determine selection of all consultants/ contractors with the employer
• Monitor compliance and performance of consultants and contractors with their agreement
• Review instructions to the consultants and contractors, and obtain Project Director and Employer’s Approval to be issued to concerned parties.
• Communicate with the Project Manager and Project Director continuously regarding project progress and areas of concerns.
• Advise Project Director of any foreseen slippage of progress and propose corrective actions.
• Identifies priorities and tasks, and develops the organization structure to assure execution of tasks, by providing clear direction on methods, time frame and schedule to achieve the stated goals.
• Attends executive meetings and progress meetings.
• Monitors performance to assure successful delivery of the Key Performance Indicators and Employer’s contractual requirements.
• Participate in the planning and formulation of design alternatives and solutions for major construction projects; provides conceptual estimates, feasibility studies, and cost estimates, and may coordinate the production of basic design plans and construction documents.
• Oversee all aspects of the day-to-day management of construction projects; monitor and coordinate work performed by architectural, engineering, and construction firms, as well as institutional, state, and local entities.
• Ensure that project operations are in compliance with design specifications and with Local Authority and Government policies and regulations.
• Establish performance and delivery criteria, ensuring that Employer and institutional requirements are being met; prepare project specifications, and coordinates procurement, as appropriate.
• Direct work sequencing to expedite project delivery and to minimize disruption of ongoing institutional operations.
• Researches and prepares various reports pertaining to operations, equipment, policies, procedures, and/or other issues, as appropriate.
• Prepare and collects the Infrastructure learned lessons
• Ensures the quality of the product and monitors the performance of the team members to ensure compliance with the company’s policies
• Monitors closely the client’s requirements and advice the project’s director with the recommendation relate to any deviations.
• Assesses the contract’s manager in the claims assessment
• Provides as necessary the advises and directives to the Infrastructure team members
• Monitors and motivates the performance of his team members and ensures the clients requirements and satisfaction are met
• Assesses and evaluates the needs for the staff that is required for the project
• Co-ordinates with the project Controls & project managers to address the projects


• A degree in an Engineering Civil related discipline is required
• Extensive experience in executing Infrastructure elements.
• 15 or more years’ of experience of managing Multi- billion Dollar Infrastructure projects within the Construction field.
• Ability to think ahead, identify new opportunities and create new and innovative approaches to work related issues
• Strong Organization and communication.
• Excellent numerical and communication skill

Job Details

Job LocationDubai, United Arab Emirates
Company IndustryCivil Engineering
Company TypeRecruitment Agency
Job RoleConstruction and Building
Employment TypeUnspecified
Monthly Salary RangeUnspecified
Number of VacanciesUnspecified
Career LevelManagement
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