How To Get Jobs In UAE 2020

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How To Get Jobs In UAE 2020

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Looking for jobs in UAE this year? You need to look at all the right places, connect with the HR community, keep your details updated round the clock and plan your job application process impeccably. In this article, we have curated all the relevant information from the horse’s mouth, to help you apply to top jobs in UAE in 2020. We have also added relevant data pertaining to reference channels for UAE vacancies and job fairs.

A)   Register on leading job portals and popular job search sites to apply to relevant UAE job openings.

As a jobseeker looking for a relevant job vacancy in the highly competitive job market of UAE, you must immediately register your profile on all the top job search portals. Most of these sites allow jobseekers in UAE to create free of cost accounts. If you are keen about optional services or extra hand holding, you might be asked to pay up a menial sum by popular job portals.

Apart from the leading privately run job sites, here’s a list of leading Government job portals you might want to check out immediately.

The job portal of the Federal Government is managed by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.
Jobseekers can leverage this platform and apply for immediate openings within the federal government.
Emirates Job Bank (EJB) is a leading eGovernment platform. If you are a UAE national, you can easily apply to jobs offered by government entities and the private sector directly from here.
Tawteen Gate is another site exclusive to UAE nationals. This website is managed end-to-end by the Honorable
Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MoHRE). Objective of the MoHRE is to transform the UAE job market into an empowering and enabling market exclusive to Emirati talents.
Electronic platform or the ‘Virtual Job Market’ is also a website managed by the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MoHRE) where new openings are put up from time to time.
Dubai Careers is a popular Dubai Government run job portal. As a jobseeker in UAE, you should not miss visiting this site.
Fujairah Government jobs also posts fresh openings regularly. This jobsite is run by the Government
You can also apply to jobs at UAE Cities for work,x on the recruitment platform for people of determination, which is managed by the Ministry of Community Development.
Job opens get posted regularly on the Employment platform for people of determination in Abu Dhabi ZHO. This portal is also highly recommended by us.
Not to forget, the Abu Dhabi Government job portal, which also posts job openings. Try it out as well.
Do try the Ras Al Khaimah, another popular Government job portal.

Complete your registration process on all the private and government managed job sites. Once it’s done, save a list of the websites you liked the most and keep logging into them regularly. Apply to vacancies listed on these portals and also keep your profile active on job sites with regular updates. In case they have an app, login regularly into the app to refresh your activity time stamp on it.

Quick note: If you are able to get a job from a government or private jobsite, you will be saved from paying service charges and commissions to consultants, employment companies, HR agencies or any other third party.

B)   Apply for jobs in UAE through social media platforms and professional connections online

In case you put up in UAE, build relevant contacts within the HR fraternity across social portals and professional networking websites (like LinkedIn). Once a connection is established, do not directly communicate that you need a job. Instead, interact with them to get an understanding of the market first. Then make a list if companies that need a person with your skill set. Look for active job openings at these companies and only then apply to them directly or through an HR contact on LinkedIn with a valid job link as a reference point. Have you considered applying to the latest walk in interviews in Dubai.

C)   Visit job fairs in UAE and career expos in your city

Throughout the year, many job fairs and career expos keep taking place in the UAE. Participating organizations look for skilled talent at these events and you must attend them regularly as an active jobseeker in UAE.

To look for fresher jobs in Dubai or even professional jobs in Dubai, visit job fairs. Arrive well prepared so that you are considered to be a relevant and targeted candidate by recruiters. The best part about UAE job fairs are instant job offers rolled out to selected ones. Also, it’s a great opportunity to interview with several firms in one location, which saves your time, effort and transport cost. Some upcoming job fairs are:

1. World Future Energy Summit in January
2. Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching International Conference and Exhibition in March
3. Workcircle’s virtual job fair in Feb and March
4. National Career Exhibition in February
5. Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Career Fair in January
6. Online International School Job Fair in February and March
7. Nursing Job Fair Middle East in February and March
8. Teaching Job Fair of UAE in March
9. The International Teaching Fair in February
10. Careers UAE in March
11. TAWDHEEF in January
12. ISN’s Gulf Expo in February
13. Dubai Multi Commodities Centre’s (DMCC) Career Fair in February
14. Supply Chain/Procurement: Online Job Fair in February and March
15. Hospitality (Hotels/Restaurants/Catering): Online Job Fair in February and March
16. TACON in February
17. Middle East Talent Networking Forum in March

So, the job market in UAE has been witnessing a massive growth. As a prospective candidate, you are definitely in demand if you have knowledge in upcoming fields of IT such as Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, NLP or natural language processing, speech recognition, intelligent driving, AR/VR or virtual learning & augmented reality. However, these fields are not the only areas of job in the UAE career market. Other industries like Automobile, Hospitality, Education, Manufacturing etc. are also booming at the moment. As they say, a bird in hand is better than two in the bush! Hence, do not forget to apply for part time jobs in Dubai. Moreover, review the best career sites for latest jobs in UAE at various cities across the country for work. Also, as mentioned earlier, look for jobs at all the right places and apply to relevant openings only. Not to forget, keep your resume and cover letter updated at all times so that recruiters get all the information they need instantly and contact you immediately without a hunch. Hope that the tips listed above help you reach your full potential and eventually you land a star-lit career in your favorite field right here, in the UAE. All the best!

Jobseekers FAQ to during Walk-ins in Dubai?


Q. How can I get a job quickly in UAE?

A. If you are a local, try and get to know the job market well. Make a list of all your dream companies and check out the big names among them. Visit their websites to apply online for an active job opening in the UAE. Also consider connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn. Do not forget to update your CV and cover letter. And last but not the least, always network actively with the right set of professionals. How To Get Jobs In UAE 2020


Q. How do I get a job in UAE with little or no experience?

A. If you have a professional qualification like CA, CFA, or an IT Engineering degree, or any other graduation degree, you can easily land a job in UAE. Initial salaries offered might not be as lucrative as you would want them to be, but the experience from your first job will help you propel your career further in the future. How To Get Jobs In UAE 2020


Q. How can I get a job in UAE this year?

A. Try to send your CV directly to headhunters. Many companies in Dubai and in the rest of the UAE hire through agencies. Getting in touch with the headhunters will help you procure a job within the Emirates easily.


Q. How do you go about looking for a job in UAE?

A. Apply to companies that hire rigorously and have excellent track records as places to work. Check out openings at these places online. After you land an interview call, do not forget to carry updated health and labor cards to your interview venue, along with your other documents. How To Get Jobs In UAE 2020


Q. How to get hired fast as a fresher in UAE?

A. Get your branding sorted, its important to get a fresher job in uae. Highlight your strengths and skills so that your application can stand out in a matter of seconds. You can get your resume written by a professional agency or a consultant for sure-shot results. Also, sort your UAE attested certificates, experience certificates, and other documents in advance and attach them with the job application.


Q. Is it difficult to get a job in Dubai?

A. Looking for a job in Dubai can be difficult for a first-timer. But the right approach will help you land one successfully. Try and restrict yourself to relevant job openings only, which are at par with your education, experience, and profession. Also, revamp your resume to make it more focused by highlighting real-world examples and experiences.


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