HR Admin job in UAE


HR Admin job in UAE What is a semi government HR How long does it take to work in UAE What is the minimum experience in HR

Job Role:

Handle guest complaints and report to manager

Be fully aware of the Talk of the Walk for the day.

Proper grooming at all times.

Attend training classes as per schedule.

Show fullest cooperation and respect within the team and other departments

Is aware of the daily activities and has product knowledge of all the hotel facilities.


Opens the main door of the hotel and ensures that all guests are greeted on arrival & departure of the hotel and escorting each individual to the right direction.

Ensure the prompt and efficient handling off all guest luggage on arrival, during stay, departure and the luggage store, as well as ensure safety and security of guest luggage.

Assure that every luggage is covered with a baggage claim tag.

Parking of guests and visitors vehicles in the designated hotel parking area.

Resolve guests complaints/ requests and liaise with the department concerned to ensure immediately follow up.

Handle issuance of guest room key cards and ensure effective control for guest security.

Report any unusual occurrences or requests to the Concierge desk.

Be aware of the hotel accident Prevention Policies.

Responsible for the efficient, clean, safe and hygienic maintenance of the Concierge Desk area.

Check Hotel situation, occupancy, functions, groups, VIPs.

Provide friendly sand courteous service to guest and respond promptly to all requests and inquiries at all timeAt the end of the shift or the day, he has to communicate all information that the next shift has to know for a well running of the operations.

Maintain continuous contact with hotel guest to ensure that any problem or complain are handled efficiently and courteously.

Review and update Logbook.

Be Smart, well groomed and maintain a friendly and cheerful disposition all the times.Oversee the day to day operations.

Assist guests with their luggage.

Report regularly on happening to Asst. FO/ FOM.

Aware of fire & first aid procedure, HR Admin job in UAE


Contact: Hussien Hameed

Reference: CatererGlobal/RH-AUH-CG1021

Job ID: 90893742