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Imam Malik College For Islamic Sharia And Law (IMC)  Overview


To be one of the prominent colleges in studying and teaching sharia and law in a contemporary vision pursuant to today’s demands and labor market needs.



Preparing graduates to be leaders in the society and equipping them with skills of creative thinking and scholarly research in the fields of sharia and law in an authentic, flexible, contemporary and innovative manner.



  • •           Excellence
  • •           Professionalism
  • •           Moderation
  • •           Social commitment
  • •           Creativity and innovation
  • •           Authenticity, flexibility and contemporisation
  • Goals:

    The college aims to develop human resources and prepare specialists in the fields of Sharia and law, to contribute to the society development and promote the authentic Arab and Islamic values.  The college follows several methods to achieve these goals, the most important of which are the following:

  1. 1. Offer opportunities of continuous academic study in the fields of Sharia and law for male and female students alike, and contribute to providing regional needs for human cadres in Islamic Sharia and law sciences, in line with the requirements of the labor market.
  1. 2. Offer the means and capabilities that produce qualified graduates in the areas of Islamic and Civil jurisdiction, Ifta’, barristering, Islamic and legal consultation, jurisprudential and positivist research, preaching, and Islamic economy and business in line with the day’s demands.
  1. 3. Equip advocates including imams, preachers and educators to be righteous role models who contribute to the growth of a moderate generation that understands Islam holistically away from extremism and exaggeration, following the approach of wisdom and dialogue to spread Islamic culture.
  1. 4. Prepare female Muslim advocates educated spiritually and intellectually, and give them their chance of acquiring knowledge to play their natural role in community development and educating the younger generation inside and outside the family, following an approach that balances understanding the spirit of Sharia and the law, and realizing the day’s requirements, prospects and challenges.
  1. 5. Provide the opportunity to acquire Islamic sciences in accordance with the approach of our righteous predecessors, which is based on respecting the legislative principles of the four schools, especially the school of Imam Malik bin Anas, away from currents of deviation or ideological extremism.
  1. 6. Provide the opportunity to acquire law sciences compared with Shariah, and identify their ethical pillars.
  1. 7. Maintain high-quality performance and improve education services, systems and structures regularly in order to produce competitive graduates in the local and regional labor market.
  1. 8. Encourage scholarly research and strive to make the college an advanced research center in the country through supporting writings and translations related to college programs, holding conferences, seminars and workshops inside the college, and participating in these activities outside the college.
  1. 9. Develop academic partnerships through openness to academic and scientific institutions inside and outside the country, contact them in order to exchange experience and research, and cooperate to achieve sustainable academic and scientific development.
  1. 10. Communicate with the society implementing the principle of moderation through promoting a culture of commitment, and contributing to public awareness.
  1. 11. Offer consultations, studies and services related to Sharia and law for the public and private institutions.
  1. 12. Provide a mechanism for scholarships
  2. Strategic Objectives in the Five-Year Strategic Plan (2019-2023)
  3. 1 – To improve the quality of the academic programs in line with the requirements of the labor market

    2- To prepare highly qualified and distinguished graduates to be creative, productive and innovative leaders.

    3- To improve the level of scholarly research in accordance with the international standards

    4- To develop high-level quality standards, and increase external accreditations, in addition to academic, local, regional and international partnerships.

    5- To strengthen local partnerships regarding community service activities in order to transfer skills and knowledge to community institutions, members and associations.

    6- To maintain effective management of human and financial resources and carry out competitive construction projects

Imam Malik College For Islamic Sharia And Law (IMC) Admission Information

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Imam Malik College For Islamic Sharia And Law (IMC)  Contact Details

Dubai Academy City, Block 11, 5th and 6th Floor, Dubai, United Arab Emirates