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Full Job Description

The FT Faculty- Academic Success works in collaboration with the online Graduation Team. The FT faculty teaches two 5 week or one 10 week course per session, participates in student orientation, provides academic advisement and facilitates resolution of student academic complaints.
This role works to improve the academic performance of University students and explores various career options. Teaches, communicates academic, administrative and curriculum related issues to the appropriate academic leader(s). The FT faculty supports the goal to provide academic advising in a manner that motivates, empowers and encourages students to make informed academic decisions. Proactively assesses at-risk indicators and identifies students that need the appropriate academic advising.
This position is a temporary assignment of no more than one-year in duration subject to renewal at the discretion of the University. It is subject to the terms and conditions of a letter of appointment.
  • Effectively teach two sections of UNIV103 Academic and Professional Success Courses each session.
  • Maintain the institutional vision for a strong student engagement, retention, and completion program.
  • Review course student engagement metrics each week and adjust instructional methods to increase student success rates. Lecturer Academic Success at AIU
  • Pro-actively identify at risk students, provides early intervention and remediation.
  • Provide each student with clear course expectations, evaluations and timelines through carefully written topical outlines and approved, standardized syllabus.
  • Suitably challenge, engage, serve and communicate with students to encourage their participation and learning while maintaining mutual value and respect.
  • Support policy and procedures related to instruction, including retention policies and procedures.
  • Develop academic informational materials, give academic presentations, and work with individual students on a case-by-case basis.
  • Work closely with members of the AIU staff and faculty to accomplish comprehensive student engagement, increase retention, student success rates and completion goals.
  • Collaborate with other academic staff and administrators to maintain a comprehensive academic advisement program. Lecturer Academic Success at AIU
  • Adequately prepare all course materials and provide individualized synchronous instruction as necessary.
  • Ensure course and program learning outcomes are delivered as defined by the syllabus.
  • Ensure students are provided with consistent, accurate, and prompt academic advising services.
  • Provide interesting and relevant assignments for students that demonstrate learning outcomes in a real-life setting.
  • Complete the sessions’ grade book and post final grades in a timely manner.
  • Respond to student questions in 24 hours.
  • Post and maintain classroom office hours.
  • Participate in and provide feedback to institutional committees.
  • Provide mentoring to new faculty.
  • Attend regularly scheduled in-services and discipline specific professional development activities.
  • Responsible to maintain credentials as required by accrediting agencies and regulatory bodies.
  • Facilitate resolution of escalated student issues and complaints.
  • Keep current on philosophy and trends in academic advising and incorporate this knowledge into the advising system.  Lecturer Academic Success at AIU
  • Participate in staff development, workshops, programs, and administrative functions; attends meetings.
  • Actively participate in course improvement efforts.
  • Perform other duties as assigned

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This position is a temporary assignment of no more than one-year in duration subject to renewal at the discretion of the University. It is subject to the terms and conditions of a letter of appointment.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, Competencies
  • Excellent online teaching skills
  • Ability to use platforms and technology effectively
  • Ability to work with students needing extensive support
  • Ability to address student complaints and issues.
  • Tenacity and skill set to address conflict and resolve in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Strong and effective academic reasoning and problem solving.
  • Organizational and time management skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

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