List of Best Sales Interview Questions for Inside & Outside Sales Professionals


1. Describe your sales experience. Do you focus on business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B)?

2. Do you excel at outside or in-house sales? Both?

3. Do you have any supervisory skills?

4. As a sales professional, what are your strengths/ weaknesses when it comes to business development and account management?

5. Throughout the last few years, what have been your most notable sales accomplishments?

6. What increases in sales have you contributed with your current/previous employers?

7. What do you like best/least about selling?

8. As an account manager, how many active accounts do you currently have? Have you previously handled more?

9. What have you done to increase market share?

10. What has been your success rate with reviving stagnant sales territories?

11. What sales challenge have you experienced recently? How did you overcome?

12. What major clients have you closed in the past 6 months? Any notable names?

13. How much do you currently have in your sales pipeline with your current employer?

14. Have you trained and coached other sales professionals? What success have you experienced?

15. How much of your current client base consists of repeat and referral business?

16. What networking or business groups are you involved with?

17. With your last 3 employers, how have you transformed your target client base?

18. Have you increased per-account sales volumes?

19. What about the growth of long-term contracts?

20. Over the last 5 years, what has been your most notable successes with client retention?

21. What has been your biggest disappointment with a prospect or client?

22. What are your traveling restrictions? Travel 20%, 50%, 100%? What about relocation?

23. What has been your experience with staff management? Have you had any sizable accomplishments with transforming a team’s performance?

24. Where do you see your sales potential in the next five years, ten years?

25. Under what management conditions have you produced your best sales performance? Work independently? As part of a team? Under consistent, direct supervision?

26. What types of sales systems do you use to strive at becoming a rainmaker?

27. What’s unique about your selling skills?

28. What is your experience with SalesForce, Infusionsoft, or any other business development or CRM softwares