MANEB JCE Exams Results  2023/2024 Free PDF Download

MANEB JCE Exams Results  2023/2024 Free PDF Download

MANEB JCE Exams Results  2023/2024 Free PDF Download
MANEB JCE Exams Results  2023/2024 Free PDF Download


MANEB JCE Exams Results  2023/2024 Free PDF Download The Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB) Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) examinations play a crucial role in the lives of Malawian students. These exams are a stepping stone towards further education and future career prospects. If you or someone you know has recently taken the JCE exams, understanding the results is of paramount importance. In this blog post, we will guide you through the ins and outs of MANEB JCE exam results, from how to access them to what they mean for your educational journey.

How to check MANEB JCE Exams Results PDF 2022/2023

Now the question is how to check Malawi 2022 JEC Results online, through MANEB official website ( you can get JC results list by district wise. To get the results to follow the instruction below.

Once the JCE exams are completed, students eagerly await their results. MANEB has made it easier than ever to access these results. Here’s how:

  1. Online Portal: MANEB provides an online portal where students can check their results. You will need your examination center number and your candidate number to access your results. This method is convenient and fast, and it’s often the first choice for students.
  • Step One: Open your Laptop or Mobile Internet Browser.
  • Step Two: In the address bar type “
  • Step Three: Just below of MANABE logo click on “Examination Results”
  • Step Four: A new window will open click on “Junior Certificate of Education (JCE)”
  • Step Five: Here you will find a list of districts name. Click on the district where you sat for the exam.
  • Step Six: A file will open/download from where search your name/number to know whether you PASS or FAILED.
  1. SMS Service: MANEB also offers an SMS service for result inquiries. You can send an SMS with your examination center number and candidate number to a designated number, and you will receive your results via SMS. This is a quick and easy way to access your scores.
  2. Schools and Examination Centers: In some cases, schools and examination centers may also provide hard copies of the results, which students can collect in person.

Grading System in Malawi

Once you have your JCE exam results, you’ll find various information that might seem a bit confusing at first. Let’s break down what each component means:

  1. Subject Grades: For each subject you took, you’ll see a letter grade. These grades range from A (excellent) to F (fail), with various grades in between. The better your grades, the more competitive you will be for further educational opportunities.
  2. Points: Each grade corresponds to a specific point value. The cumulative points from all your subjects are used to calculate your overall grade.
  3. Overall Grade: Your overall grade, ranging from Division I (the highest) to Division IV (the lowest), is determined by your cumulative points. Division I is usually required for admission to top-tier secondary schools, while Division II is often acceptable for other institutions.
  4. Remarks: Remarks may be included to indicate specific issues with your results, such as absent or incomplete exams. You should contact MANEB or your examination center to address these issues.


Malawi National Examinations Board exams

Scale Grade Description US Grade
1.00 – 2.00 Distinction A
3.00 – 6.00 Credit B
7.00 – 8.00 Pass C
9.00 Fail F



Scale Grade Description US Grade
75.00 – 100.00 Distinction A
70.00 – 74.00 Marginal Distinction AB
60.00 – 69.00 Credit B
50.00 – 59.00 Pass C
40.00 – 49.00 Bare Pass D
35.00 – 39.00 Marginal Fail F
0.00 – 34.00 Fail F


University Word Descriptor-based

Grade Description Division US Grade
First Class Honours A
Second Class Honours Lower Division B
Third Class Honours B-
Pass C
Second Class Honours Upper Division AB


Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Grade Scale US Grade
A+ 90.00 – 101.00 A+
A 85.00 – 90.00 A
A- 80.00 – 85.00 A-
B+ 75.00 – 80.00 B+
B 70.00 – 75.00 B
B- 65.00 – 70.00 B-
C+ 60.00 – 65.00 C+
C 55.00 – 60.00 C
C 55.00 – 60.00 C
C- 50.00 – 55.00 C-
D 40.00 – 50.00 F
F 0.00 – 40.00 F


The Malawi National Examinations Board
P.O.Box 191, Zomba, MALAWI
Telephone: +265 1 525 277 / 1 525 212
Mobile: +265 999 108 774