Mechanical Foreman

SAP ABAP Consultant
SAP ABAP Consultant


Mechanical Foreman

Job Description

Lead and supervise workers to perform overhauling of all relevant equipment as assigned. These equipment will include: Main Engine 2-stroke, Auxiliary Engine 4-stroke, Steam Turbine, Engine Turbocharger, Centrifugal Pump, Screw Pump, Gear Box, Winches and Windlass, COW machines IG/Pump room fans etc. Lead and supervise workers to perform overhauling & calibration of all relevant equipment as assigned. These equipment will include: Engine Fuel Pump & Injector, Safety & Relief Valves and PV Valves Steel chock bedding, Valve seat grinding using Chris marine, Retubing of heat exchangers, Plate type cooler cleaning, High pressure washing of engine parts, Air hoist, hydraulic pump, jacks, ETC repair and Rigging up to 30 tons. Liaise with other discipline foremen / supervision to ensure the optimum utilization of available resources, with the overall objective of successful completion of the project. Assist the senior foreman and supervisors in planning activities. Ensure that the workers are properly supplied with machineries, tools, equipment and materials and everything is in proper order and state of maintenance. Perform inspections to ensure that the workers performance is up to the set standards. Create progress reports on a daily basis and ensure that any significant information is communicated to the supervisor i.e. resource shortfalls, surplus, HSEQ concerns. Follow the day-to-day operations related to own job to ensure continuity of work

Desired Candidate Profile

Ability to read, interpret and follow method statements and procedures, specifications, drawings, and all other discipline related project and engineering documentation. Ability to understand, read and interpret drawings. Select and use appropriate tools, equipment, materials and machines

Department / Functional Area

Installation / Maintenance / Operations / Repair

Drydocks World

DRYDOCKS WORLD – DUBAI is a modern ship repair and new building yard with very large dry docks and extensive ship building facilities. The company commenced operations in 1983 and employs nearly 10,000 multi-national employees from 52 countries. Mechanical Foreman