Simba Paid Sh460 million to Okrah in new deal

Mshahara wa okrah, Simba Paid Sh460 million to Okrah in new deal, usajili wa simba
Mshahara wa okrah, Simba Paid Sh460 million to Okrah in new deal, usajili wa simba


Simba Paid Sh460 million to Okrah in new deal

The CHAIRMAN of the Simba Board of Directors, Salim Abdallah ‘Try Again’ and the Member of the Registration Committee, Crescentius Magori, together traveled to Ghana to sign the attacking midfielder Augustine Okrah and it has been revealed that the player has milked Simba millions of money.

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Information from within Simba is that Okrah, who was playing Bechem United in his native Ghana, had a contract with the club, thus making the bosses of Msimbazi buy it and be paid 200,000 US dollars, which is more than 460 million Tanzanian Shs.

Okrah still had a one-year contract, while he was also being hunted by another Arab club along with Yanga, something that made the two Simba top bosses pay the cost as well as provide him the interest the player needed to agree to sign.

It is said that after the tension of interest on all three sides, Simba agreed to pay 200,000 US Dollars to remove Bechem.

Mshahara wa okrah, Simba Paid Sh460 million to Okrah in new deal, usajili wa simba

The Simba bosses were given the contract by their investor, Mohammed ‘Mo’ Dewji to ensure they get Okrah who together with his club refused to take money under that and at the end of the day they got his signature.

Perhaps if it wasn’t for the power of Mo Dewji to give that amount of money, Try Again and Magori would have returned to the country without getting the signature of Okrah who seemed to be strict in matters of interest.

It is explained that after Mo Dewji paid the long try again and Magori returned to the country with the contract of Okrah and two days later their compatriots Yanga also sent an offer to ask for the player who started throwing in a friendly match against Ismaly that was played the other day in Ismailia and ended in a draw of 1-1.

“The interpretation is that if we had returned without signing Okrah, Yanga would have managed to find him because they already had that amount of money in hand, without Mo Dewji I don’t know what it would have been like,” he said and added this big man with the power of decision in Simba;

“Okrah has a final match he played for them and didn’t finish after being given a red card, there is a team from Sweden that followed Bechem’s leaders ready to buy the player for 600,000 dollars more than Sh1.2 billion.

“Bechem leaders informed the team that Okrah has already been sold to us. And the family because they wanted him, they sent their request to us with the offer of Sh1.2 billion, but we refused due to our goals for the next season,” he said and added;

“We rejected that long money because last season we didn’t do well, so we need a player like Okrah who is capable to get us to our goals of doing well next season.”

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