Specialist Internal Medicine – Zulekha Hospital

Specialist Internal Medicine - Zulekha Hospital
Specialist Internal Medicine - Zulekha Hospital


Specialist Internal Medicine – Zulekha Hospital

Consultant Anesthetist – Zulekha Hospital Dubai

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Job Description

• The post is responsible for providing comprehensive specialist level care in Internal Medicine.
• Provides care to patients according to current best evidence based standards, using best judgments at all times.
• Consulting with patients to understand their symptoms and health concerns.
• Diagnosing and treating acute illness, such as bacterial and viral infections, as well as chronic diseases and conditions, such as hypertension, heart disease, or diabetes.
• Prescribing or administering medication, therapy, and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness, disease, or injury.
• Explaining procedures and discussing test results or prescribed treatments with patients.
• Monitoring patients’ conditions and progress, and re-evaluating treatments, as necessary.
• Providing health and wellness advice to patients, including diet, physical activity, hygiene, and disease prevention.
• Maintaining detailed notes of appointments with patients, including comments, tests and/or treatments prescribed, and test results.
• Preparing official health documents or records, when necessary.
• Conducting research into the testing and development of new medications, methods of treatment, or procedures to prevent or control illness, disease, or injury.

Desired Candidate Profile

Expected Skills
• Work in a confidential fast-paced environment
• Be a team leader as well as to work independently
• Organize large amounts of data from several sources
• Multitask in a high-volume environment
• Train others on complex processes Problem Solving and Decision Taking
• Excellent problem-solving and superior interpersonal and collaboration skills
• Exercise initiative and judgment and make decisions within position’s scope of authority Focusing on Targets and Results
• Have excellent administrative and organizational skills and be capable of prioritizing work to deliver high standards in a demanding environment with conflicting deadlines.