How to Apply EMAP Form One Students | Emap Form One Application Form 2022/2023
How to Apply EMAP Form One Students | Emap Form One Application Form 2022/2023


How to Apply EMAP Form One Students | Emap Form One Application Form 2022/2023 Your in Olduvaicareers In this Article we put All Emap ZW Form one Bording Application Process Easily through Application Form and Provided Link not enough in that this post also Contains www.emap.co.zw website and Their Help Dest contact,EMAP contact details

How to apply for a Form One 2023 Boarding School Place in Zimbabwe using the eMAP system

  1. Create an eMap form one application 2021 account

    Visit www.emap.co.zw to create an account that you will use to manage your application. You will also use this account to check on the status of your application. Thus you should make sure you use a password that you will remember.

    How To Apply For 2021 Form 1 Boarding Places On eMAP

  2. Enter the Pupil’s Details

    On the account creation page enter the required details including centre number, candidate number and date of birth using the details that appear on the pupil’s result slip. After you are done confirm that the pupil has been cleared by the former school and proceed.

  3. Fill In Your Contact Details

    On the next form, you will need to fill in the fields for your mobile number, email (it’s listed as an optional field), password of your choice, and confirm password. (Make sure you keep the password safe). Click Register

  4. Sign In To The eMap Application Account

    Your account will now be set up and you can then sign in using the link provided to begin the application process. If the link does not work you can click here to go to the sign-in page. On the page enter centre number, candidate number and password in the respective fields the click the sign-in button.

  5. Choose The Schools You Want

    Click where it says apply for Form 1 place then select the province and district of your choice. You will see a list of available boarding schools. Choose the school you want and click apply. Repeat the process for the remaining two schools of your choice. Be Careful Here! Once you apply to a school you can’t change it. In other words, make sure you apply for the schools you want as there is no way of changing a school once you have applied

  6. Check The Status Of Your Application

    You can follow up on your form 1 online application 2021 by clicking on the Check Status of Application button anytime you log in.
    That’s it you are done. That is how to apply for a form 1 place online in Zimbabwe.

Once You Have Finished Your Form One Online eMap Application Please Take Of The Following

Your application can show any one of the following statuses:

Pending – application still under consideration

Accepted – you have been offered a place

Processed – once a particular school has accepted your child, all the other outstanding schools’ statuses will automatically be changed to processed

Rejected – your application was unsuccessful


  • Once you decline an offer there is no guarantee that you will get the same offer back
  • The offering of a place is done randomly from your shortlisted schools.

How can I change a school on emap If I have applied by mistake?

You can’t change a school once you have applied on the eMap platform. Your best chance is to be rejected at all three schools and then reapply. So take your time and make sure you apply to the schools you really want.

If I reject a school offer on emap online application platfomr can I change my mind and accept it later?

No, you can’t and there is no guarantee that if you reapply to the same school you will get accepted again. So be careful with rejecting offers.

Can I choose schools from different provinces or districts on eMap form one online application?

Yes, you can.

How many schools can I apply to at once on emap?

Currently, you can apply to a maximum of three schools, however, Zimsec says this number may be reviewed in due course. Last year (2019), people could apply to five different schools.

When does the eMap Online Application form close?

The eMap form one platform closes on the 31st of January 2021

How do I know that the emap application has been successful and my child has secured a form place for 2021?

You can log in to the account and click ‘Check Status of Application’. Zimsec says it will send notification SMS’s as well but it’s best to check for yourself time and again.

What do I do if my child has been rejected in all three schools on emap application?

Reapply again to three schools.

How long should I wait to get a result on whether the application has been successful?

There is no prescribed waiting time. The time taken to process the application depends on the school of your choice.

How can I apply for a form one place for my child in Zimbabwe if they did their primary school out of the country eg in South Africa?

This is a special case. You will have to take your papers and approach the nearest provincial education office to present your case. You will be given further instructions there.

Where can I get further information on high school in Zimbabwe so I can get to choose the best school for my child?

EMAP contact details

Contact link > http://www.emap.co.zw/Form1Enrol/