NECO Results 2023/2024 is Out : How to Check — Portal

NECO Results 2023/2024 is Out : How to Check  On NECO Results Portal

NECO Results 2023/2024 is Out : How to Check  On NECO Results Portal
NECO Results 2023/2024 is Out : How to Check  On NECO Results Portal


NECO Results 2023/2024 is Out : How to Check  On NECO Results Portal  The NECO result is the outcome of the examinations conducted by the National Examination Council of Nigeria. It is a comprehensive report of a student’s performance in the senior secondary school examinations. The NECO result is a critical benchmark, providing valuable insights into a student’s academic abilities and achievements.

The NECO examination assesses students’ knowledge and competencies in various subjects, including mathematics, English language, science, social studies, and vocational subjects. The exams are usually conducted in June/July, and the results are typically released a few months later, allowing students to plan their educational and career paths.

NECO Result Checker 2023

Before we continue, we would like to tell you that the NECO result 2021/2023 is now out and available online via

Continue checking this page for the updated version or you simply bookmark this page to be able to get acquainted with our update straight to your inbox.

While waiting for the results to be out, check out the comprehensive steps you should follow to check your result online.

Candidates must first, purchase a scratch card which will be used to check your 2023/2024 neco results. Buy your cards from accredited centers.

Follow the steps on how to check your NECO result and the price of the scratch card.

How Much is 2023/2024 NECO Scratch Card?

It should be noted that the price for the NECO token or scratch card is Three Hundred Naira only (N300). This token must be purchased from NECO accredited centers.

How do NECO they Grade Passing Score

Under the new WAEC AND NECO Grading system, A1 is Excellent, B2 is Identified as Very Good, B3 Is Identified as “Good “, C4, C5 and C6 are interpreted as Credit.

D7 and E8 are interpreted as Pass(still failure) while F9 is absolute Failure.


Grade Definition.

🕴 A1 Excellent 75% –100%

🕴 B2 Very good 70%—74%

🕴 B3 Good 65%–69%

🕴 C4 Credit 60%–64%

🕴 C5 Credit 55% — 59%

🕴 C6 Credit 50%–54%

🕴 D7 Pass(still failure) 45%–49%

🕴 E8 Pass(still failure) 40%–45%.

🕴F9 Failure 0%–39%.

For instance, to get an A in WAEC or NECO 2020 Mathematics, you need to score above 75% in the Exam. 75% means you are able to get 75 questions correctly out of 100 questions or when the score is converted, the score when converted must be equal to 75% to score an A.

If you are given 50 questions in a subject, 75% is equal to around 37 questions you answered correctly. This explanation also applies to other grades above.


To know whether you will score An A, B or C, divide the number of questions/marks you think you would get correctly by the total number of questions/marks possible and multiply by 100 percent.

Example: If you were able to answer 40 questions correctly out of 60 total questions given in Oral English. To calculate your percentage, it will be (40/60)x100% = 66.67% = B3.

In an objective, all questions carry equal marks.

For WAEC or NECO Theory Questions

Calculate how many marks you are very sure of, then divide by the total marks the questions carry and multiply by 100%.

Example: You are required to answer 5 questions in the theory section. Each question carries 20 marks.

Let’s say you are able to answer 4 questions and sure of 15 marks out of a total of 20 marks for each question.

The total marks yo

How to Check NECO SSCE Result Online 2023/2024

  1. Visit the NECO official website: Go to the official NECO website, which is typically “”
  2. Navigate to the Result Checking Portal: Look for a link or button on the website’s homepage that leads to the result checking portal. This is where you’ll enter the required information to access your results.
  3. Provide Examination Details: a. Select the Examination Type: Choose the appropriate examination type (e.g., June/July or November/December). b. Select the Examination Year: Choose the year in which you took the NECO exam. c. Enter your Token: You will need a valid NECO result checking token, which is usually provided by your school or can be purchased on the NECO website. d. Enter your Registration Number: Input your NECO examination registration number.
  4. Access Your Result: After providing all the necessary information, click on the “Check Result” or similar button. Your NECO result will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Save or Print Your Result: It’s a good idea to save or print your result for future reference or documentation. You can use the browser’s print function to get a hard copy of your result.

Link to Check your Results :

Please note that result checking processes may vary, and it’s essential to follow the specific instructions provided by NECO on their website or any additional guidance provided by your school. Additionally, make sure you have a valid result checking token and the correct registration number to access your results. If you encounter any issues or have questions, it’s best to contact the NECO support or your school’s administration for assistance.