Tamisemi Form Five Selections Pwani Region 2022 | List of Students selected to join Form 5 and Colleges Pwani

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Tamisemi Form Five Selections Pwani Region 2022 | List of Students selected to join Form 5 and Colleges Pwani Welcome Olduvaicareers.com in this Article You will get Full list of Student selected to join Form Five in Different Government Advance Schools and Colleges in Pwani this list Consist Those student who passes their Last year Necta Form Four National Examination Results and Their Selected Combination Well Balanced .Post za form 5 are in PDF Format you can Download or print.

ORODHA YA Wanafunzi Waliochaguliwa kujiunga Kidato cha Tano na Vyuo vya kati Mkoani  Pwani 2022 available as Published on TAMISEMI Official website.

The Name list always are in PDF Format so we Recommend Before Downloading The List Make sure you have PDF Viewer program/App on your Device for easily Viewing Names.

How To Download List selected student to join Form Five Pwani 2022

The List of  Form 5 Selections are prepared and Released by Tamisemi as First Or primary source and Here Olduvaicareers.com  Like other Media we are secondary source kindly Follow the Following Steps to Download name list.

Before following the procedure Make sure you have Active Internet Connected Device,And Useful Browser we recommend Google Chrome,Mozila firefox ,Safari,and Opera for Our Experience are the Best one then follow the Steps to Download.

Firstly Visit Tamisemi Official website ( www.tamisemi.go.tz )

Scroll Down up to Matangazo Tab

You will Find Form Five selection

Click to Confirm Your Name

Finally the List will be Downloaded check on your File manager/Documents

The List of Names Selected to join Form Five Public Schools in Pwani Also Available on Pwani Regional Council Official Website http://www.Pwani.go.tz/


Public Advanced Level Secondary Schools list in Pwani Region:

School NameWardDistrict/Council
Kibaha Secondary SchoolTumbiKibaha Tc
Nasibugani Secondary SchoolMsongaMkuranga
Mkongo Secondary SchoolMkongoRufiji
Kilangalanga Secondary SchoolKilangalangaKibaha
Mwanalugali Secondary SchoolTumbiKibaha Tc
Kikaro Secondary SchoolMionoChalinze
Utete Secondary SchoolUteteRufiji
Rafsanjani Soga Secondary SchoolSogaKibaha
Kitomondo Secondary SchoolKiegeaniMafia
Kimani Secondary SchoolKisaraweKisarawe
Maneromango Secondary SchoolManeromangoKisarawe
Zogowale Secondary SchoolMisugusuguKibaha Tc
Lugoba Secondary SchoolLugobaChalinze
Mohoro Secondary SchoolMohoroRufiji
Ikwiriri Secondary SchoolMgombaRufiji
Mwinyi Secondary SchoolMkurangaMkuranga
Miono Secondary SchoolMionoChalinze
Minaki Secondary SchoolKisaraweKisarawe
Ruvu Secondary SchoolMtonganiKibaha
Bagamoyo Secondary SchoolDundaBagamoyo
Kibiti Secondary SchoolMtawanyaKibiti

Private Advanced Level Secondary Schools list in Pwani Region:

School NameWardDistrict/Council
Ahmes Secondary SchoolKiromoBagamoyo
Marian Boys Secondary SchoolKeregeBagamoyo
Marian Girls Secondary SchoolKisutuBagamoyo
Imperial Secondary SchoolBwilinguChalinze
Efatha Seminary Secondary SchoolMapingaBagamoyo
Gift Skilful Secondary SchoolKibahaKibaha Tc
Gili Secondary SchoolMailimojaKibaha Tc
Efforts Secondary SchoolDundaBagamoyo
Baobab Secondary SchoolMapingaBagamoyo
Premier Girls Secondary SchoolKiromoBagamoyo
Overland Secondary SchoolMarumboKisarawe
Eagles Secondary SchoolKisutuBagamoyo
Roneca Girls Secondary SchoolMisugusuguKibaha Tc
Wama Nakayama Secondary SchoolSalaleKibiti
Grace Secondary SchoolZingaBagamoyo
St.Mathews Secondary SchoolMwandegeMkuranga
Acacia Secondary SchoolMlandiziKibaha
Kisarawe Juniour Seminary Secondary SchoolKisaraweKisarawe
Bwawani Secondary SchoolUbenazomoziChalinze
Wal Ul Asr Girls Secondary SchoolTumbiKibaha Tc
Wali -Ul – Asr Boys Secondary SchoolKiluvyaKisarawe
Waamuzi Secondary SchoolSogaKibaha
St. Mary’S Visiga Secondary SchoolVisigaKibaha Tc
Msangani-Private Secondary SchoolMsanganiKibaha Tc

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