Al-Qasimia University Scholarship, UAE 2020/21

How To Get Free Al Qasimia University Scholarship 2021-2022
How To Get Free Al Qasimia University Scholarship 2021-2022


Al-Qasimia University Scholarship, UAE 2020/21


Al-Qasimia University, Sharjah, is an educational institution established by the Emir of Sharjah, His Royal Highness, Sheikh Dr. Sultan Mohammed Bin Alqasimia. The University has students from over 80 countries and its aim is to help the less privileged people of the entire world.

Al-Qasimia University, Sharjah, United Arab Emirate (UAE) has admission and scholarship opportunities currently open for international students to apply. Al-Qasimia University provides fully-funded scholarships that cover free tickets, accommodation and monthly upkeep for students who are not resident in the United Arab Emirates.


Al Qasimia University has four years study period for its students and an Intensive Arabic Program. Students are required to finish 129-135 credit hours during the four year period so as to gain a Bachelor degree in any of the following fields:

  • Colleges:

-College of the Glorious Quran

-Sharia and Islamic Studies College

-Arts and Humanities College

-College of Communications

-Economic and Management College

  • Majors:

-Bachelor of Science of Holy Quran

-Bachelor of  Sharia Islamic Studies

-Bachelor of  Arabic Language & Literature

-Bachelor of  Islamic History and Civilization

-Bachelor of Mass Communication

-Bachelor of  Economics


– Free tuition fee

– Monthly reward


-Return Ticket

-Health Insurance




  1. For applicants holding High School Certificate or its equivalent.

A minimum average of 70% for applying to the colleges mentioned above.

A minimum average of 75% for applicants holding High School Certificate (Religion Section) for their admission in the College of Sharia & Islamic Studies and the college of Holy Quran.

A minimum average of 80% for applicants holding High School Certificate (Commercial Section) for their admission in the College of Economics & Management.

All applicants must prove that they have spent three years in their secondary/high school levels (which include grades 10,11 &12).


  1. General terms:

Applicants must fill in their desired majors in the order of preference.

Applicants must get equivalent certificates for high school from UAE Ministry of Education if their high school certificates were issued outside UAE.

Students dismissed from the University or any other university for behavioral or academic reasons will not be admitted.

Completion of secondary education or an equivalent level with the required average must not be earlier than three years prior to joining the University.

Applicants age must be 20 years maximum in the admitted year.



  1. Last three years of high school original transcripts.

2.Student’s country Ministry of Education Original letter confirming that the student’s school or institution is officially recognized and accredited and its graduates can be admitted in any governmental university in the student’s country. Al-Qasimia University Scholarship, UAE 2020/21

3.The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country must attest to all the certificates issued as well as the UAE embassy in the country concerned. However, the Arab embassies operating in this country can attest to the certificates in case there was no embassy for the UAE in the country.

Certificates in Non-Arabic or English Language must be translated into Arabic or English languages and the translated copy must be enclosed/attached to its original and stamped together.

Those applying for the College of Economics & Management are required to include TOEFL Certificate (IBT61, CBT173 or PBT500 ) or IELTS certificate (5.0).

A six months valid passport copy with recent photograph (white background)

An Arabic or English translated letter of good behavior that is attested to.

Translated and attested Birth certificate in Arabic or English language.

Certificate of health issued by a public hospital (stating that the applicant is free from any dangerous diseases).


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