Individual Master’s Programs with professional orientation may include specific provisions for factoring relevant work experience into the calculation of the GPA for conditional acceptance. These provisions must be approved by the Academic Council.

United Arab Emirates University Scholarship Application Document Requirement

    1. Completed application form;
    2. The deposit slip of the required non-refundable application fee, as relevant to the program, deposited in the university’s bank account;
    3. Identity documents as required for Emirati students (copy of passport and Khulasat Al-Qaid) and international students (copy of passport);
    4. Two certified copies of official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended (the applicant must arrange for these to be sent directly to the Office of Enrollment); and
    5. An official copy of the applicant’s IELTS certificate or equivalent (the applicant must arrange for this to be sent directly to the Office of Enrollment);
    6. Recommendation letters as required by the individual programs.
    7. motivation letter (up to 1000 words), written in the same language as the PDP’s language of instruction.