Process Engineer – III – GRP

Process Engineer – III – GRP
Process Engineer – III – GRP


Process Engineer – III – GRP

About Us

About Us Founded in 1984 in Dubai UAE, Future Pipe Industries (FPI) has rapidly grown to become a global leader in anti-corrosive fiberglass pipe system design and manufacturing. With the largest product portfolio of large diameter, high pressure, high-temperature, fiberglass pipe systems, FPI provides bespoke solutions across the following product segments; Water, Oil & Gas and Industrial. FPI has a focused dominant global footprint with a presence throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. The company employs an extensive global network, with operating factories in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, KSA, USA, The Netherlands, Spain, India and 20 offices in 17 countries including Lebanon, UK, France, Singapore, Pakistan and Indonesia, mobilizing over 3,300 members of staff around the world. For more information on Future Pipe Industries, please log on to

Job Description

JOB PURPOSE: Design, Implement & Deliver the assigned product manufacturing processes, and recipe programs, complying to all the mandatory Fiberglass International Standards. Manage and take complete ownership of Product Development project processes, which focus on the continuous improvement of existing products enabling cost optimizations for the group, and the development of new product processes and / or product ranges, summing up to millions of USD/yr., leveraging technical expertise.


Maintenance of the Know-how Package

  • Generate, Compile and Maintain all relevant documents / programs covering the entire diameter, pressure and stiffness classes of product range combinations exceeding over 100,000’s. Revise all product documents following any design / process or cost optimizations for standard product range based on the successful results of continuous qualifications

Non-standard Components

  • Provide all the FPI manufacturing units, Technical Support Unit & Sales department with process related services for non-standard piping components and execute the required qualification tests
  • Provide expert technical process support to all FPI units (Value Engineering, Operations, Field Services etc.) on any queries regarding standard and non-standard products.

Product Qualification testing

  • Ensure that the product processes are complying with the latest international standards and end users’ specifications
  • Manage the execution of the required qualification tests

Product Development projects

  • Define, plan, supervise and be responsible for the timely execution of planned Product Development projects, within their allocated budget and time frame
  • Project progress / completion to be planned and scheduled within the defined budget
  • Introduce newly developed product processes within the FPI Group to expand company’s market footprint
  • Introduce newly developed product processes within the FPI Group to expand company’s market footprint
  • Prepare and distribute the developed product process / work instructions to FPI Group companies in liaison with Product Directors, Operations and Component Team
  • Maintain an effective & constructive liaison & communication with all higher management personnel
  • Communicate effectively with Product Director to report progress & potential deviations

Development of new and / or improvement of existing “Product Process / Instructions”

  • Develop / Improve process basis, test methods, processing techniques, production tools, material combinations, etc. to enable completion of the Product Development project.

Expert advice, Problem solving & Technical Support

  • Provide expert advice to Product Managers, Component team etc. with regards to technical feasibility and process of pipe and piping components
  • Advise / Assist the Sales & Technical Support Unit / all FPI manufacturing units with their process related queries
  • Assess and specify corrective measures to any manufacturing unit producing piping components differing than standard product processes, Process Engineer – III – GRP


Internal:GRP Technology Product Director, Other Technology Product Directors and team members (GRE, Machinery, Testing & Qualification and Audit), Executive Vice President – Global Technology, as required.

All Internal Departments: Operations / Global Value Engineering and Technical Management / QA&QC / Sales & Marketing / Projects and Proposals/ Supply Chain and Operations / Plant Manufacturing units / Field Services

External: Material & Equipment Suppliers, Third parties, Consultants etc.


Complete ownership and authority of the assigned product processes and new product developments projects. Understand the requirements of the market and develop new ideas to expand the company’s footprint. Provide expert advice and keep track of latest international fiberglass standards. Take decisions on technical process related queries based on guidelines provided by Product Director



Required Qualifications:

  • Preferred: M.Sc. (Mechanical)
  • Engineering degree (Mechanical)

Preferred Experience:

  • Minimum 8 years of design/process/production/testing experience or equivalent of composite materials in large industrial organisation, some of which may have been spent in pipe / pressure vessel sector.

Job-Specific Skills:

  • Insight in general engineering principles.
  • Ability to understand / learn composite design & process related issues


  • Initiative, Motivation, Leadership & Teamwork
  • Performance measurement
  • Good of communication skills and technical competence
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Written and verbal communication skills, English is a must


M.Sc. (Mechanical) or any related Engineering Bachelor Degree or higher

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