Complete guide to Azerbaijan visa application

Complete guide to Azerbaijan visa application
Complete guide to Azerbaijan visa application


Complete guide to Azerbaijan visa application

Azerbaijan Electronic Visa (e-Visa)

The Azeri electronic visa also known as e-visa or the ASAN Visa, is the most recent program of the Republic of Azerbaijan to make it easier for tourists traveling to the country, while still keeping a record of their basic data and purpose of the trip.

The e-visa can be obtained online, from the official Azeri e-visa website. Applicants should apply at least three days in advance, and must be outside of the territory of Azerbaijan at the time of application.

To apply for this visa, you will need to complete all the required information and then upload the following:

  • A passport scan.
  • A photo 3.5 × 4.5 cm.
  • Hotel reservation.
  • Ticket to Azerbaijan.

There is a fee of 20 USD that every applicant needs to pay for application, and an additional service fee of 3 USD. Both fees are nonrefundable in case of e-visa rejection. Payments can be completed only by using Visa, MasterCard’s and Union Pay, and the card does not have to be under applicant’s name.

You will receive the e-visa in their email within three days of application. The visa should be printed and presented at the Azeri port of entry, together with a valid passport.

Azerbaijan Standard Visa

The Azerbaijan standard visa is a document granted to visa travelers that submit an application at an Azeri embassy or consulate in their country of residence.

There are three categories of Azeri sticker visas that are granted depending on applicant’s status. These are diplomatic, service and ordinary.

At the same time, depending on the purpose of entry there are two types of visas: entry and transit visas.

An entry visa is valid for a maximum of 90 days and can be granted as:

  • Single entry visa – allows only one entry-exit in this period.
  • Multiple-entry visa – validity period of this visa is up to 2 years. This visa allows a person to enter a country several times during a relevant period.

Period of stay in a country indicated in a visa is used during a validity period of that visa. Visa that is not used during this period loses its force.

A single-entry or two-entry transit visa is granted to foreigners and stateless persons to allow transit the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan in a bid to reach another country. This visa is valid for thirty days, enabling its holder to remain in Azerbaijan up to 5 days at most.

Whereas, the purposes under which foreigners can apply for a visa to Azerbaijan are as follows:

  • Business
  • Science and education
  • Labor
  • Tourism
  • Culture and sport
  • Humanitarian
  • Personal travel
  • Treatment

Azerbaijan Visa Requirements

When applying for an Azerbaijan sticker visa, the most important part of the whole application procedures is collecting the documents you will then need to hand out to the embassy. These documents prove your identity, the right to travel, the purpose of your trip, and your trip arrangements.

These documents are as follows:

  • Azerbaijan visa application form fully completed. It can be filled electronically
  • Your passport or other travel documents, valid for at least another three months beyond your intended stay in Azerbaijan. Note that you should also make copies of the main page of your passport or travel document.
  • Two recent photographs in color, which match your biometric identification requirements.
  • You medical insurance certificate, in a copy.
  • Proof you paid the visa fee (receipt).
  • Application submitted by the inviting party which is approved by an appropriate authority of the executive power, a registered copy of a certificate (for non-governmental organizations), and a document proving the purpose of an invitation. These documents are not required for transit, tourism, official and personal travel visas).

The following additional documents are required for those under the age of 18 traveling without a parent or a legitimate representative:

  • Notarized copy of a birth certificate.
  • A permission of parents or a legitimate representative.
  • Copies of identification documents of parents or a legitimate representative.

Visa requirements for the purpose of tourism:

  • Evidence that the purpose of the trip is for tourism, i.e. tourism voucher.
  • Proof of reservation of a place in a hotel, camping, tourist base or other similar premises.

Visa requirements for the purpose of science or education:

  • Proof that you have sufficient funds to pay your expenses related with your education and residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Visa requirements for medical treatment:

  • Proof that you have a disease to be examined or treated.

Visa requirements for the purpose of private visits:

  • Copy of inviting person’s identification document
  • Proof that you can cover the financial expenses related to the trip.
  • Document certifying that the inviter is a family member.

Visa requirements for transit:

  • Copies of the visa granted by your destination country, if needed.
  • The ticket to your destination country. Complete guide to Azerbaijan visa application


Azerbaijan Visa Application Process

To apply for an Azerbaijan visa, you will need to follow and complete several procedures, as set by the authorities of this country. Complete guide to Azerbaijan visa application

The latest you can submit your application is 15 days before your intended trip to Azerbaijan.

You should submit all the documents collected to the diplomatic missions, embassy or consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan in your country of residence, alongside with proof that you have paid the required fees.

Note that if you will be staying more than 15 days in Azerbaijan, you will need to be registered at your city of residence.

Azerbaijan Visa Fee

When applying for an Azerbaijan visa, the applicants must pay a fee for the processing of the application. The visa fee depends on applicant’s nationality, intended period of stay and time of entry. The fees are as follows:

Name of the country Duty rates according to the number of entries
Single entry visa ($) Multi entry visa ($)
USA 20$ 350
Albania 20$ 350
Germany 35€ 35€
Andorra 20$ 350
Angola 20$ 350
Argentina 20$ 350
Australia 20$ 350
Austria 35€ 35€
Bangladesh 20$ 350
Belgium 35€ 35€
UAE 20$ 350
Bahrein 20$ 350
Bulgaria 35€ 35€
Bosnia and Herzegovina 20$ 350
Great Britain 20$ 350
Brazil 20$ 350
Burundi 20$ 350
SAR 20$ 350
Czech Republic 35€ 35€
Chile 20$ 350
China 20$ 350
Denmark 20$ 350
Eritrea 20$ 350
Estonia 35€ 35€
Afghanistan 20$ 350
Algeria 20$ 350
Philippines 20$ 350
Finland 35€ 35€
France 35€ 35€
Ethiopia 20$ 350
India 20$ 350
Croatia 35€ 35€
Indonesia 20$ 350
Jordan 20$ 350
Iraq 20$ 350
Iran 20$ 350
Ireland 20$ 350
Iceland 20$ 350
Spain 35€ 35€
Israel 20$ 350
Sweden 35€ 35€
Switzerland 35€ 35€
Italy 35€ 35€
Cambodia 20$ 350
Kameron 20$ 350
Canada 20$ 350
Cyprus 35€ 35€
Columbia 20$ 350
Congo 20$ 350
The Republic of Korea 20$ 350
Ivory Coast 20$ 350
Cuba 20$ 350
Kuwait 20$ 350
Gabon 20$ 350
Qatar 20$ 350
Guatemala 20$ 350
Guinea-Bissau 20$ 350
Laos 20$ 350
Latvia 35€ 35€
Lithuania 35€ 35€
Lebanon 20$ 350
Libya 20$ 350
Luxemburg 35€ 35€
Hungary 35€ 35€
Madagascar 20$ 350
Macedonia 20$ 350
Malaysia 20$ 350
Mali 20$ 350
Malta 35€ 35€
Mauritania 20$ 350
Mexico 20$ 350
Morocco 20$ 350
Egypt 20$ 350
Monaco 20$ 350
Mongolia 20$ 350
Mozambique 20$ 350
Nepal 20$ 350
Netherlands 35€ 35€
Nigeria 20$ 350
Norway 35€ 35€
Oman 20$ 350
Pakistan 20$ 350
Peru 20$ 350
Poland 35€ 35€
Portugal 35€ 35€
Romania 35€ 35€
Senegal 20$ 350
Serbia 20$ 350
Saudi Arabia 20$ 350
Singapore 20$ 350
Slovakia 35€ 35€
Slovenia 35€ 35€
Sudan 20$ 350
Syria 20$ 350
Sri-Lanka 20$ 350
Thailand 20$ 350
Tanzania 20$ 350
Tunis 20$ 350
Turkey Free of charge according to mutual agreement 

Note: when a visa is issued at international airports of the Republic of Azerbaijan USD 10 is charged.

Turkmenistan 20$ 350
Uganda 20$ 350
Uruguay 20$ 350
Venezuela 20$ 350
Vietnam 20$ 350
Japan                 Free of charge according to mutual agreement
New Zealand 20$ 350
Yemen 20$ 350
Greece 35€ 35€
Zambia 20$ 350
Zimbabwe 20$ 350


Azerbaijan Visa Processing

The processing of a standard Azerbaijan visa may take up to a whole month. However, you can have your application processed within 48 hours in case you can prove that you need urgent medical treatment in Azerbaijan or a close relative of yours has died here. Complete guide to Azerbaijan visa application

Is it safe to travel to Azerbaijan?

Despite how it is portrayed in the media sometimes, Azerbaijan is relatively a safe country to travel to. Tourists should be very careful from pickpocketing, in particular in Baku. There are also many scams and frauds performed on tourists, as street vendors and taxi cabs.  Fake tickets can also be issued by fake police officers.


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