Complete guide to Almenia visa application 2021


Complete guide to Almenia visa application 2021

Application Procedure

If you are from one of the eligible countries, you can get an Armenia visa at one of the following airports/ border crossings:

  • Zvartnots International Airport
  • Shirak Airport
  • Ayrum Railway station (border with Georgia)
  • Bagratashen, Tavush Province (land border with Georgia)
  • Bavra, Shirak Province (land border with Georgia)
  • Gogavan, Lori Province (land border with Georgia)
  • Meghri, Syunik Province (land border with Iran)

Armenia visa on arrival cost

When you apply for the Armenia visa on arrival, you have to pay a fee of AMD 15,000 (appx. USD 31).

Applying for an Armenia eVisa

If you are eligible for a visa on arrival, you are also eligible to apply for the Armenia eVisa. You can apply for the eVisa through the online Visa Issuance System of the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (here).

You have to enter your nationality, details regarding your trip, as well as make the visa fee payment. The Armenia eVisa fee is non-refundable, and after you pay, your visa will be issued in approximately three working days.

You can check the status of your visa through the “Check Application Status” button on the eVisa website.

Armenia eVisa cost:

  • USD 6 for a stay of up to 21 days
  • USD 31 for a stay of up to 120 days

Applying for an Armenia Visa at an Embassy

If you are from one of the countries on the table below, you have to apply for an Armenia visa at an Embassy/Consulate. You can find the diplomatic missions of Armenia listed here.

Before you apply, you need a sponsor in Armenia who will apply for an invitation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The sponsor can be: Complete guide to Almenia visa application 2021

  • A juridical person
  • An Armenian authority
  • A representative of an international organization

Invitation letter requirements

  • The letter has to be sealed and signed by the head of the organization
  • The letter has to be written on the official letterhead of the organization
  • It must contain information about your trip, like the dates of arrival and departure
  • The inviting organization must attach the certificate of registration and state registration code
  • The invitation must contain the following information about you (the guest) written in capital letters in the same order as below:
    • Passport type (ordinary, diplomatic, etc.)
    • The passport number
    • What country your passport was issued by
    • Passport validity
    • Your citizenship
    • Your phone number
    • Occupation
    • Sex
    • Last name
    • Name
    • Middle name (if applicable)
    • Date of birth
    • Place of birth by state, region, and city
    • Address by state, region, and city
    • Nationality
  • The inviting organization has to pay a fee of ARD 5,000 (appx. USD 10) via bank transfer to the consular department of the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Complete guide to Almenia visa application 2021

Armenia Visa Requirements

When you apply for an Armenian visa, you need to provide the following documents:

How Much Does the Armenian Visa Cost?

Armenian visa fees are:

  • For 21-day visitor visa: USD 6
  • For 120-day visitor visa: USD 31
  • For a multiple-entry visitor visa: USD 42
  • For a single-entry transit visa: USD 21
  • For a multiple-entry transit visa: USD 37
  • Official and diplomatic visas: Free of charge

How Long Can you Stay in Armenia With a Valid Visa?

Armenian visas are issued for the following durations:

  • Armenian single-entry eVisa or visa on arrival : 21 days or 120 days
  • Armenian multiple-entry visitor visa: maximum of 60 days per entry for one year
  • Single-entry transit visa three days. Multiple-entry transit visa is valid for one year, with three days each entry.
  • Visas issued at the Embassy can vary in duration, depending on the purpose of travel.
  • Visa-exempt nationalities can stay in Armenia for up to 180 days within a year.

Can You Extend an Armenian Visa?

Yes, you can apply for a visa extension at the Passport and Visa Department of the Police of Armenia. You can receive a visa extension for a maximum of 60 days. You have to apply before your current visa expires.

Anyone who intends to stay in Armenia for a long-term period has to register with the Passport and Visa Department of the Armenia Police to get their Temporary Residence Card.

Types of Armenia Visas

The main types of visas for Armenia are:

  • Armenia Tourist Visa. This type of visa is for foreign nationals who will travel to Armenia for short-term purposes, such as tourism, to visit relatives or friends, for business, medical treatment, etc. It can be valid for single entry or multiple entries.
  • Armenia Transit Visa. Issued to foreign nationals who will transit through Armenia on their way to a third country. Allows a single entry of up to three days, with the possibility to extend to four days.
  • Armenia Diplomatic Visa. Issued to holders of diplomatic passports or with a diplomatic status.
  • Armenia Temporary Residency Visas. These types of visas (or Residency Cards) are issued to foreign nationals who will stay in Armenia for a long-term period, such as for:
    • Work
    • Studying
    • Joining a family member in Armenia
    • Running a business

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